10 Coconut Oil Uses That Benefit Your Hair and Skin

Coconut oil is the one of the most famous products in the world. You can use coconut oil as a DIY hair mask, face wash, lip scrub and more. Coconut  oil is comprised of a uniqe combination of natural fats, which makes it useful in treating the skin.

Studies Show that coconut oil which is extracted from the meat of mature coconuts – may improve skin barrier function and repair, has anti inflammatory and antibacterial proporties, fights the sings of skin aging and makes an effective moisturizer per a 2018 review of research published in the International Journal Of Moleculer Sciensces.

Coconut Oil For Your Hair

  1. Create a DIY Hair Mask
  2. Deep Condition with the Coconut Oil
  3. Add Shine in your Hair
  4. Minimize Dandruff

Coconut Oil For Your Face

  1. Face Washing
  2. Create a DIY Face Mask
  3. Remove Eye Makeup
  4. Dab on as Eye Cream
  5. Make a DIP Lip Balm

You are using coconut oil for hair and the skin. We can say we give a 10 coconut oil benefits for your hair and skin. Therefore I give a last one;

You can highlight your cheeks with the coconut oil.  Simply sweep a small amount of organic coconut oil on top of makeup and leave it alone! It looks like your skin but glowier, which is why many natural makeup brands use it as a base ingredient in their formulas!

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